Best Skype Alternatives in 2019 For VoIP and Video Calls

Skype is mostly used worldwide to connect through video call, with the internet connection. Skype is one of the most popular videos and audio calling app for Android and iOS devices. The main benefit of Skype is it enables you to communicate across platforms and devices. Thus, let’s take a better look at e-commerce apps advantages. Both Skype and Hangouts are similar in regards to communication features. Checkout some best Skype Alternatives in 2019 that you can use on Android and iOS smartphones.

It’s possible for you to make videos and fast photos, also, to take part in video conferencing. Along with video chat with them, if you own a webcam. Skype is a downloadable web program that enables users to make and get cheap or free calls all around the world.

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Best Skype Alternatives in 2019

It’s possible for you to make videos and fast photos, also, to take part in video conferencing. Along with video chat with them, if you own a webcam. Skype is a downloadable web program that enables users to make and get cheap or free calls all around the world.

The program can be downloaded free of charge from the site, and it works with almost all computers and operating systems. All you will need is an online connection, a good broadband connection, and Skype headphones to begin. There are lots of other such services to be found on the world wide web. Also, there are many Skype Alternatives to use instead of Skype, here are the ten best alternatives to use instead of Skype:

1. Whatsapp

This is one of the best internet based messaging application. Before you’d get the fantastic feature of voice and video calls, this application only allowed to message and send multimedia files like photos, videos, and documents. Now, with voice and video messages added you are free to maintain different forms of communication with your loved ones from time to time. It is easily accessible. To use this app, you need to register your phone number, and then it will function.

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You can send only specific file size, to a group or single recipient. This app is available for Android, iOS, Mac, PC, Windows phone. This allows users to connect quickly. You can engage in voice or video call easily. But this app has also cons like you can only send a specific video file size, you cannot use this app separately on the desktop, you need to connect it to wi-fi or phone number. Otherwise, it is easily accessible.

2. Facebook Messenger

In some ways, this app is better than WhatsApp and far better than an alternative for Skype. You can sign in through your facebook account, and you can add your number only if it is convenient for you. Otherwise, your phone number is not needed. There are a vast number of emojis and stickers to choose from if you want to express your feelings to a friend. You can also use gifs. For easy communication, you can also use voice or video call your friend. Unfortunately, facebook messenger app does not have separate application desktop application, so you have to use the web client. This app has wide-range compatibility, and you can also search your sent messages. The cons are that you can only send limited sized video files, and it also cripples the image quality. You need to install the messenger app separately, just installing facebook won’t help.

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3. Viber

One of the top skype substitutes, Viber, works in the same manner as WhatsApp. It has same characteristics as WhatsApp has, including registering your WhatsApp number. But the best part about this app is that it has a dedicated desktop application. You just need to register your phone number on the desktop. The data previously shared with friend or family will be available on the desktop without any fuss. It is also available for Android, iOS, Mac, Windows phone. You only need your number to start this app on the desktop. This app also has cons that you can share limited video files and need to register your number.

4. Google Hangouts

This app may not be popular nowadays. But this app is free of charge, and you can use it through signing up with your Gmail account. This app is readily available for iOS and Android app, but you will need a web client while using your PC or Mac. You can video call upto ten members and create a group chat with 150 members. This app helps your chat and data sync with all devices.

5. OOvOO

This app is in a rivalry for skype. This app has multiple operating systems providing this app. This app has managed to cross 150 million downloads. Its popularity is pale compared to other users. This app is available for Android, Windows, Mac, iOS, PC. This app has high-quality video call, and you can form group video call upto 12 people, it is highly secured and has a dedicated desktop application.

6. Amazon Chime

If you’re a business owner, that this is the best application for you. It is mostly geared towards business. It has an only 30-day free trial. Available for Mac, iOS, Windows, Android. It also has a web-client for immediate communication. It will sync all your information with your devices. You can have a video chat upto 12 people from desktop and eight people from mobile. It is mostly used for business purpose.

7. FaceTime

This app is used only in Apple Devices, and it is the main reason why Apple became so popular. Similar to WhatsApp you can register your number, chat, voice and video call to others. But the backdrop is, you can only call or message iOS users. This app is available in more than 20 languages, But it does not support group conference calls.

8. GoToMeeting

This is rated best possible video conference by critics. It has an only one-month free trial. This does not sound interesting, but you will love it after you start exploring this app. Upto 25 members can join in video or group chat and has high-quality video and audio call. It costs you $49/month for paid plans.

9. Talky

It is the most sophisticated alternative to Skype. It is only available on iOS and is password protected. You can video call upto 15 people. You need a URL to begin. It is only supported in iOS

10. IMO

This app is simple and easy to use and available both on Android and iOS platforms, only it does not have separate desktop application. It provides high-quality video call, and you can share unlimited images. It also has high-level security. Well personally if we speak, from list of above 10. we found Hangouts is worth going because Hangouts is one of the best application which has alot of features if we compare it with Skype. It eats less internet bandwidth while calling and we can do group calling with multiple people.

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