Skype vs FaceTime vs Google Duo | Unbiased Review

Skype vs FaceTime vs Google Duo – With so many apps in the market, there is fierce competition for the marketeers and a lot of confusion for us users. Everyone claims to be the best. But are they? Let us find out.

Video calling has become a necessity for all of us. With our friends and family living abroad for various reasons like work and education, we feel the need to connect to them. In such situations, we wish to see them and not just hear their voice over cellphones. Thanks to technology, it is very easily possible now.

All you need for video calling is a smartphone with a front camera and a working internet connection. There are various apps in the market for video calling and the top 3 apps are Skype, FaceTime and Google Duo. But which one is the best of the best?

Let us find that out in the review of Skype vs Facetime vs Google Duo.


Skype vs FaceTime vs Google Duo

Skype is one of the oldest video calling apps that exist in the market. It is a great app with easy to use user interface. It is best known for its compatibility with desktop, be it Windows or Mac or Linux. It also has a web plugin. The web plugin works only for Windows and Mac, but does not work for Chromebooks or Linux.

Skype is stacked with features which is a plus if you have fast internet connection. But it might act as a hindrance if you have slow internet connection. Skype is heavier as compared to other two apps. Also Skype allows all types of file transfer.


Skype vs FaceTime vs Google Duo

FaceTime is for the Apple community. This application is compatible with all Apple products like iPhone, iPad, iPod and Mac computer. It is available for free download for the Apple product. It is a very simple app with minimal add-ons, which makes it an efficient option even in slow internet connection. It has a simple interface.

Its call quality is also the best with very little lag in video transfer. You can easily switch between video calls and switch between portrait and landscape mode.

Google Duo

Skype vs FaceTime vs Google Duo

Google Duo is the latest entry into the video conferencing field. But it cannot be treated as a newcomer, seeing the results. Despite it being the youngest, it has seen a large increase in user-base in a small amount of time. This app has a very simple UI and is very basic in nature. It gets the job done very easily.

One of the highlights Google Duo offers is that it can easily switch between WiFi and mobile data without dropping video calls. It also offers you the option of seeing the caller’s video stream before answering the call.

Skype vs FaceTime vs Google Duo

Skype FaceTime Google Duo
Platforms supported iOS, Android, Windows, BlackBerry, Linux iOS
iOS, Android, Windows 10, Mobile
End-to-end encryption Yes Yes Yes
Group Video Call Facility Yes No No
Mobile Data Supported Yes Yes Yes
Security Okay High Okay

When it comes to choosing the best app for video call, among Skype vs FaceTime vs Google Duo, there is no clear winner. It largely depends on your choice based on other factors. Factors like internet connection, system compatibility, network issues, and other such factors come into play while video calling.

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