Sonos will now connect apps and smart home devices to its speakers

Reader, we have some exciting news for you. We were researching and found something which struck our fancy.  Are you ready for it? Let us begin with it without any delay. Shall we?  Did you know that Sonos is making its platform a lot more expanded and open for the people? This is set to happen next year. The news was announced to the public at an event in New York this morning itself;  the company is creating a “works with Sonos” certification program for third parties to integrate their software or hardware using the Sonos platform. This implies that, hardware, apps and even smart home devices that will able to integrate more closely with the hardware of Sonos. The company has Olutron, TunesMap,, Wink, Wrensliva, Creston and even iPort that too all signed up.


While the company has supported a number of music services within its range of controller apps, Sonos has started integrating Spotify Connect late last year. It gives a window to the Spotify apps to connect directly to Sonos, and bypass the apps altogether. The much talked about the initiative is working to expand this integration to Tidal, iHeart Radio, Pandora, and Audible. The speaker is being designed with AirPlay 2 and its support for Apple’s devices next year. And here you come. It allows you or the user to stream the content from an iPhone and iPad directly to Sonos speaker sans any additional apps.

The integration has a grasp to smart home devices and hubs, namely Logitech Harmony or Samsung’s SmartThings. A more open and flexible will be welcomed by the current owners. To ignite the spirit of the people, the company is launching a Sonos One smart speaker endowed with the support for multiple voice assistants.

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