Sony to bring in changes to its phone design

Hello, reader, we have some interesting news which you might like. You must be aware that Sony has a fixed parameters or design when it comes to the design of their mobile phones. But all this is about to change. The company is revamping their entire design set for the upcoming phones. This was revealed in an interview with Indian Express when Sony’s managing director for India Kenichiro Hibi commented that the company is “planning to launch [a] new generation of products, and you can expect a complete new design from the devices.”




As of now, we are not aware of the exact times of the designs to be launched, but an estimate can obviously be made. Most probably they would come out next year. Sony has a trend of unveiling their major phones at Mobile World Congress in the month of February and again at IFA in the month of August. So, we will probably have to wait for quite a while. According to Hibi, the new designs will arrive “soon.”

The latest designs are exactly what the company needs to paint a new picture for the people to see. It will send a message that Sony is trying to make efforts to reach the audience again. They will still use the narrow down the bezels which are around their flagship phones’ screens. The famous Sony logo involves some very renowned portions above and below the display on the phone. It can because the company is trying to release a phone which will be with a taller screen, adopting an 18:9 aspect ratio, and even tinier bezels to match its fellow competitors.

The current language and design set of Sony phones dates back to the first Xperia Z in the year of 2013. The look was really trendy and lovable back in the days but it had started to look a tad bit boring and evading the charm in a market where phones were coming out with nearly full-screen front faces.

All we can do is hope that the year passes by soon and we get to see the actual design that the company as thought.  We can hardly wait. Of course, we will keep you updated if any news pops up for this segment.

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