Top 10 Ways How to Speed Up Internet Connection

Today’s fast technology world a fast speed internet connection is what everyone needs. But most of the times users have a problem that their Internet connection is slow. If you are also looking for how to speed up internet in windows 7 or how to speed up internet windows 10 then here are the methods you can try to increase the speed of your Internet connection. Not just Windows Device but we will also look towards How to speed up internet on android and How to speed up internet on ps4.

Top 10 Ways how to speed up Internet Connection

These are methods you can try:

Scanning of virus or Malware infection

If you are looking for how to speed up internet on Windows 10 device, then the primary task you have to do is scanning your system against viruses or malware infection. The reason of slow internet on your system can be the presence of some virus infected files or programs on your system. After checking if the scan shows the presence of some infected files or programs then you need to repair them. After repairing those infected files, you will see the speed of your internet connection has increased.

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Check your data plans

If your system doesn’t have a virus or infected files after that you have slow internet problem then the problem can be your data plan. In that case, you should first check your data plans. You can check the speed of your internet connection on a site like it will tell you the Download and upload speed of your device. The value you get from here checked it with your data plan value, and if it matched then there is no problem, you are using a slow internet pack. But if the value differs then complain, you service provider.

Check your Modem or Router

Before proceeding to step further, check your Modem or router device. The main cause of slow internet connection are these devices. Many users have questioned how to speed up internet in windows 7 the simplest answer to this question is check your modem or router device. If you find that your router is creating the problem, then change it. The NETGEAR D6300 (AC1600 Dual Band Gigabit) can be a good choice as it provides a huge wireless range that speeds up wireless internet connection along with all other cloud-based features. After changing the modem or routers, make sure your modem is well-suitable with your internet plans.

Check for System Interference

Sometimes the problem of the slow internet can cause by the interference of Antivirus programs or any other programs installed on your system. Yeah I know it is irritating but can be easily solved. You just have to switch off programs one at a time and try a speed test after switching off the program. But after having speed test don’t forget to switch on every application program that switches off. Your answer to how to speed up internet windows 10 is this. You just have to check which application program is creating problem and switch if off that’s it.

Fixing of WIFI signal

Wireless internet connection is a great experience but can be problematic when it gives errors like Slow Internet. If you have checked your router and found that it is working properly, then the problem can be with wireless signals. To solve this problem, you have to tweak or boost your router. Try to find a perfect location for your router from where you can get better signal strength. You can also increase the range of your router by using DIY tricks.

Use command prompt

Many users have questioned how to speed up internet connection using cmd so here is the answer for you all. Just type the following commands in the command prompt window, and the problem can be solved.

Speed Up Internet Connection

The steps are:

Step 1. Open the command prompt on your system, as Admin.

Step 2. Now type command Netshint top show global and hit enter.

Step 3. After that type Netshinttp set chimney=enabled and hit enter.

Step 4. Now Netshinttcp set global autotuninglevel=normal and hit enter.

Step 5. Followed by this Netshint set global congestionprovider=ctcp and hit enter.

Now close the command prompt window and check the speed of your internet.

Ping your Connection

How to speed up internet in windows

A simple solution is a usage of- the Ping command. You need to the continuous reply of pinging your connection; it will solve the problem of slow internet.

Open a command prompt on your system and run it as admin. Now type ipconfig command to find the network configuration of your system. Here you will see the default gateway address of your network. Now type ping –t (default gateway address), here we type this ping -t ( Now minimize command prompt tab and run your internet. Whenever you’re browsing internet continuous reply of ping connection, this will increase the speed of your Internet.

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Try a New DNS server

The problem can also be caused because of the DNS server. A DNS server converts websites addresses which are user-friendly into IP addresses which are computer friendly. So to solve this slow internet connection problem you can try a new DNS server and restart your network. It methods works in most of the cases, you should also give it a try.

Change your Channel

If you live in a complex or an apartment with crowded neighbors and every one is sharing the same signal space, then this can be the reason of slow internet. To solve this error, you have to switch your channel so that you can enjoy the high-speed internet without any problem. There are many applications like WifiAnalyzer, Wifiinfoview is available which can help you in identifying which channels have fewer users. As newer router will automatically select the less crowded channel. So if you are using a new router then reboot your router, it will automatically select the channel which has least number of users.

Use Powerline network adapters

If your question how to speed up internet windows 10 has still no answer, then it’s time to turn your old router into a brand new WIFI-Repeater. To convert router into WIFI repeater, you need Power line adapters. Power line adapters are always the best option to extend the reach of the wireless network. This will solve the problem of slow internet. After turning it into WIFI repeater you can check the speed of your Internet connection speed, it will faster than ever. Also these steps will work for you if you want to know the answer to, how to speed up internet on android phones or devices.

That is all about how to speed up internet on android or windows device. We hope all the above-explained methods help you out and now will know how to speed up internet download speed or how to boost internet speed on android. We have tried to cover every important method to solve the problem. But if you have any other methods that helped you, please do share with us in the comment section below.

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