Tesla trucks to travel 480 km with a single charge

My my, Tesla means some serious business. It has been in the news for quite a while. Don’t get me wrong; they have been talked about not for their shortcomings but for their advancements. And it seems that the company as yet again taken a new step for them to reach a new level of achievement. Tesla has even reached space, so it is pointless to say that sky is the limit. It only looks like a mere hurdle to them now. Don’t know whom to compare them with; such is the excellence of the company.

Recently, it was reported that Tesla Inc. is planning to unveil a big electric truck by next month. This truck will come with a working range of 320 km to 480 km. People can take this as a sign that the company is an entry into the commercial freight market by targeting the long-distance vehicles. Well, if you ask me, this truck already sounds impressive.

It seems as if that there is an alternative to oil which matches the efficiency and it is on its way. If one uses a spare battery, then a running of 1000 km would be possible. Others better lock their pockets, as Tesla would give them a run for their money. But take care that it should be fitted with a quick or fast charging medium. With a prospect of a battery powered heavy duty vehicle having the capability to compete with the conventional diesel, Musk has voiced that Tesla can reach beyond luxury cars as well.

The company failed to give fans a comment and said that Tesla’s policy is to always decline to comment on speculation.” Let us see, what really happens. We sure can’t wait any longer. Think about it, the market of commercial freight will be changed forever. A new benchmark would be set.

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