How to Transfer Files from Android to PC

Nowadays people have to frequently move files from their Android phones to their desktop or laptops. After we return from a trip or a little hangout with our friends our smartphone gallery gets loaded with pictures taken from our camera or sent to us on WhatsApp. These photos take up a lot of storage space on our phone along with pdf and word files related to our work that we download daily. Thus we look for ways to empty our phone storage and make space for new pictures and data files. And in this busy world, one looks for quick ways to Transfer Files from Android to PC which include photos, songs, videos, presentations, pdf or word documents.

Different Ways to Transfer Files from Android to PC

There are a lot of methods that reduce the pain in your neck of moving the files from your PC to Android phone and vice versa. One can use USB, Bluetooth and even transfer files from pc to android wifi direct, a tedious task never the less. But definitely, it’s not an impossible task. There are a lot of services and apps available in the market that can help you in the transfer of files from Android to PC. Here are some of them.

Method I- Transfer Files Using a USB Cable

It is the most common method used by people. To transfer files from Android to PC connect your Android phone to the USB port of the PC via a USB cable. Follow these necessary steps to transfer files from Android to PC using USB cable.

Step 1: Your memory card has to be present on your phone.

Step 2: You will get a USB connected notification on your mobile screen. Touch it to open.

Step 3: Now select Mount.

Step 4: Next you will find on your computer the removable storage drive.

Step 5: Next just drag the files that you want and drop it in the computer file in which you want to save.

Step 6: Now navigate to Notifications and then Turn off the USB Storage by ticking the checkbox.

As the files get transferred, disconnect the USB cable from both computer and Android smartphone. It is the easiest way to transfer files from Android to PC using the USB cable.

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Method II- Transfer Files via Bluetooth

Bluetooth is a feasible option if your PC is Bluetooth enables or you own a Bluetooth dongle. We all know that Bluetooth was the only way to exchange files and pictures when mobile phones came into use. And today also, though it is not frequently due to the launch of various apps, it still is a convenient way to transfer files from Android to PC. Today most of the laptops and PC are Bluetooth enables, so try transferring files via Bluetooth.

Step 1: Firstly switch on the Bluetooth option of your PC as well as your smartphone. You will find the Bluetooth option on the taskbar at the right corner of the notification tray.

Step 2: Now open the Device and Printers option and click to add a device. Your PC will automatically catch up with your device’s name, provided you have switched it on.

Step 3: Next a code will be shown on the screen of your PC similar to the code displayed on your Android phone to ensure that the two correct devices are connecting. Verify both the codes and then click on Continue.

Step 4: As you click on continue on both the devices, they will get paired, and now you can easily transfer files from Android o PC and vice versa.

Method III- Transfer Files Wirelessly Using Loud Service like Dropbox

The cloud storage providers are an alternative to the various wireless methods for Android file transfer Windows 10. The different cloud services that are common among the users are Dropbox, Google Drive, and iCloud. You just need to upload the files that you want to access from your computer as well as your Android smartphone. To use a cloud sharing service, you will have to register with any of the services and upload our file. Now download the app of this cloud service on your smartphone and view the information.

How to Use Dropbox?

Step 1: Visit the official website of Dropbox and install it on your computer.

Step 2: Now place the file that you want to transfer to the Dropbox folder. You can find the Dropbox folder at the following location- “C:\Users\<your username>\Dropbox” or you can even locate the folder by typing the following quote in Windows Explorer’s address bar- “%HOMEPATH%\Dropbox

Step 3: Then download and install the Dropbox app on your smartphone. The app is available for Android, Blackberry, Windows and Apple devices.

Step 4: Now sign in to the installed app and navigate to the folder in which contains the file.

Step 5: You will see an arrow next to the archive, click on it and then click on Export from the expanded options.

Step 6: Now choose a folder in which you want to place the file.

Step 7: Now download the files and use it.

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Method IV- Transfer Files Using Wi-Fi Direct

The Android producers are trying to give Wi-Fi direct support to its users. Service like Wi-Fi Direct is quicker to transfer a file from Android to PC than Bluetooth transfer. If you have the Wi-Fi Direct Share on your Android phone, you will require the Pro version if you want to transfer files from PC to Android Wi-Fi Direct. These apps should be available on your Android phone. Download and install the Windows Companion of these apps on your PC as well.

Step 1: Run the app and then click on Receive to accept the files sent from Android smartphone.

Step 2: Now scan the QR code using the camera of your PC or by entering the key.

With the help of Wi-Fi Direct, the files get transferred quickly, though the speed depends on the destination drive’s speed and size. Apart from Wi-Fi Direct, SuperBeam also helps in Android file transfer Windows 10 via the QR code. But if the PC to mobile transfer via Wi-Fi software apps like these doesn’t suit you then try to transfer files from Android to PC via email.

Method V- Transfer Files Wirelessly Via Email

For quick transfer of photos, videos and documents, email is one of the most reliable solutions. Though attaching documents and pictures might take long, but by emailing yourself the important stuff, you get access to it from both your computer, laptop and any other device in which you open your mail. So get the Android file transfer PC download it and view it in the latter. Follow the given steps to transfer the files from Android to PC.

Step 1: Switch your mobile data on or connect to your Home Wi-Fi connection.

Step 2: Now attach the desired documents or photos stored on your phone and email it yourself.

Step 3: Now sign in to your email account on your PC and download the files and save it to the folder where you want it.

Method VI- Transfer files Using Android Apps like AirDroid

Android apps are becoming popular among the people all over the world and AirDroid is one of the easiest ways and the last in our list of methods that helps you to access your Android smartphone from your PC. You can sign in the AirDroid app via Facebook, Google+ and even Twitter. Using the same Wi-Fi network the files can be transferred from your device to the PC easily and quickly.

Step 1: Download the desktop client of AirDroid through the following link. The AirDroid app doesn’t work through the web application.

Step 2: Now sign in to the app using the credentials which were used by you while signing in the mobile app.

Step 3: Now browse the file that you want to transfer and then select AirDroid from the options displayed in the menu to share the file.

Step 4: Choose the file and tap to send it.

AirDroid, PushBullet and Solid Explorer are some great file drop for PC apps that allows you to access your data from two different destinations.

There are a lot of various methods for Android file transfer Windows 10 of different size and type. One can do PC to mobile file transfer via wifi software, USB, DropBox and in a lot many ways. Depending on the situation you are stuck in, opt for the way that will result in easy and quick file transfer. If there is no Internet connection around you, then choose the method of file transfer from Android to PC using USB cable. Else if your USB cable is damaged then opt the method of data transfer via Bluetooth or Email. You are the deciding factor now. Choose a method and transport your files speedily.

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