Unfollowgram Download – Find Out Who Unfollowed You On Instagram

Have you ever noticed the count of your followers on Instagram falls down? Well, the Instagram app doesn’t provide you with the alerts or notifications of the people who unfollowed you. The most basic way to find out who unfollowed you on Instagram is that you have to keep an approx count of your followers and keep checking by going through each account whether they are interested in your account or have unfollowed you. This mechanism is pretty unrealistic, as you can’t keep wasting your time on checking who unfollowed you on Instagram. So in this article, I am going to introduce you to the most famous 3rd party Instagram app who unfollowed you, which is Unfollowgram.

The simplest gadget which lets you know who unfollowed you on Instagram is Unfollowgram. It is the worldwide community of millions of users, and as it is third party application already mentioned above, it is safe and the most entrusted app to use. You just have to authorize your official Instagram account after, Unfollowgram APK download.

Unfollowgram – Find Out Who Unfollowed You

The Unfollowgram APK download is getting popular these days because of the simple and user-friendly interface of the app. Moreover, the Unfollowgram app is not limited only to Instagram, it gives a detailed analysis of other social media apps, like Twitter, Facebook, Orkut, etc.

Mentioned below is the outlined list of amazing features of Unfollowgram app.

Unfollowgram Features:

  • The foremost and the basic feature of the Unfollowgram app is that you can keep a regular track of the people who unfollowed you.
  • You can also find out who followed you on Instagram using Unfollowgram app.
  • You will be updated with the information of the profiles followed by you, which in return does not follow back your account.
  • The Unfollowgram app also provides you with the complete information about the users those have blocked you.
  • Ultimately you get the full control of your “followers” and “following” list so you can add and delete easily.

Well, the information provided above about the Unfollowgram app is sufficient to get started.

Unfollowgram for Instagram is available for all platforms. You may download the apk of the app. Instagram is one of the most popular image sharing app managed by Facebook. Recently Facebook has implemented many new filers on Instagram. It is a very useful app to manage Instagram followers and uploads.

Here are the complete instructions to find out who unfollowed you on Instagram using Unfollowgram app. Follow the steps given below.

Steps to Download Unfollowgram Apk on Android Device:

You can download and register with this App either on your mobile device or desktop, so to perform Unfollowgram APK download follow the first two steps, and to directly use it on the website follow the further steps carefully. Also be ready with your Instagram username and password and with a high-speed active internet connection.

Step1. Visit Google play store and search for Unfollowgram APK download.

Step2. Click or tap on the appropriate result and install the app.

Step3. Navigate the Unfollowgram. Com website in your browser.

Step4. After landing on the web page, you will see the tab sign in with Instagram and Twitter; here we will only use Instagram if you want you can authorize your account on Twitter also.

Step5. Click sign in with Instagram.

Step6. Now, after you are redirected to another page, where you will be asked to enter the relevant Instagram login credentials. Be very careful while executing this step, as this is the most important step in the process of managing your Instagram account with Unfollowgram app.

Step7. After giving permission to access your Instagram account, a screen will pop-up ask the permission for the authorization of the app.

Step8. Now the Unfollowgram app will request you to grant permission to ‘Access your basic information’ and to ‘Follow/unfollow other users.’

Step9. Click authorize at the bottom right corner of the screen.

Step10. You need to provide a valid email ID to Unfollowgram, in order to get the complete detailed analysis of your account.

Step11. Now, you will be welcomed on Unfollowgram dashboard, from where you can access all the services provided by the app like,

  • Who unfollowed me
  • Who I don’t follow back
  • Who doesn’t follow me back?
  • Following
  • Followers

So, you can manage your account from one web page, no need of traversing from Unfollowgram app to Instagram app. Below we have provided an Unfollowgram review, which will let you know about the quality of the app and you will also know that Unfollowgram not working is just another excuse, because it works like wonder.

It is very easy to use, it doesn’t have so many ads but worth it for a free app. This app deserves a 5-star rating.:)

Would recommend to everyone.

There are conditions or issues sometimes where you notice that your Unfollowgram app not working, but no need to worry here we have compiled a list of alternatives for Unfollowgram also, dip into the content to know about them.

  • Crowdfire


Crowdfire is the best Unfollowgram alternative; it works on the Android platform as well as on the iOS devices. The app is totally free to use. There are denary n of features to explore on this apps. It also helps to manage your account efficiently, and very similar to Unfollowgram it also manages your Twitter account simultaneously.

  • Statusbrew

Statusbrew provides the users with free as well as the premium package; you have to pay a certain amount to subscribe for the premium package. The premium version of this app provides you with the notification and alerts of the people who unfollowed you on your registered email address.

All you have to do is, to signup with a status brew and get connected with your Instagram account. You will be welcomed to the dashboard where you have to click on audience tab, now on the sidebar to the justify you will see another tab. Simply click on new unfollowers, immediately you will be provided with the list of people who recently unfollowed you.

  • Instafollow

Instafollow is another amazing Unfollowgram alternative tool, which provides you with the list of unfollowers with just one click. It is most convenient for the iPhone users; it provides you with the perfect highlights of your Instagram account. It also has an amazing feature by which you can search for new people, you wish to know.

  • WhoUnfollow

This app is also known as who unfollowed me on Instagram, apart from providing the list of the unfollowers, this app has some extraordinary features. It also provides you with the list of top likers and the frequent commentators of your posts.

It is one of the most popular and widely used apps among the iOS devices because of the smooth compatibility between them. Just download the App from Google play store or iTunes store for Mac users.

  • Followers+

This is the growing app with increasing popularity and 50k+ downloads; this app has amazing features which you don’t get on other unfollowing apps like Unfollowgram, instafollow, etc. So let’s have a look on the features provided by this trendiest app:

  • Detailed statistics of the followers.
  • Tracks and predicts the average likes for every post.
  • Keeps an account of Which photo has been liked by a maximum number of people.
  • Predicts the best and worst followers for your account.
  • And the most important presents you with a list of your unfollowers and the people who haven’t followed you back.

This was the complete information about Unfollowgram and the best alternatives for this app and how to Find Out Who Unfollowed You On Instagram using Unfollowgram! You must definitely try these best apps according to your need Hope you liked this article on Unfollowgram for Instagram. If you have any queries feel free to ask in the comment section below.


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