How to Uninstall Apps on Mac in 2019

Uninstalling software on Mac OS X is usually an easy method – simply delete this program in the Applications folder. Several vendors offer uninstallers with original app installer, but if you are new to Mac OS X, then you might be searching for how to uninstall apps on Mac and MacBook Pro in 2019. Apple has already released new MacBook lineup in 2016 with new Touchbar, and new UI with new MacOS called el capital that comes with Siri. In this article, we will share how to remove programs from Mac.

But if you’re trying to remove a damaged aspect, reinstall the software to change a serial number, or just free up disk space, removing all components of the previous software Uninstall Apps on Mac may be important. These range from the application itself, tastes and help products, and sometimes hidden files or kernel extensions. Anyone who’s had problems installing an Adobe CS program or removing Symantec AntiVirus can recognize how hard it can be to completely remove old software.

Many Mac users have applications installed on their Mac which take up considerable storage room but go unused. Consequently, Mac users can take back storage space on the computer by investigating large Mac programs and deleting them. The most recent versions of MacOS provide a very easy method to find large applications, see when they were last used and offers a simple approach to remove the programs from your Mac, all from the Unified Storage Management tool.

How to Uninstall Apps on Mac in 2019

You’ll require MacOS Sierra 10.12 or later to get this function, earlier versions of MacOS don’t are the Storage Management tool. Mac OS X provides no Uninstall a program interface like the one for sale in Windows. You’ve to uninstall applications by pulling their icons around — but what about applications that don’t have shortcuts, integral process programs, along with other corner cases? Uninstalling many Mac programs can be a simple process. But, for many programs, uninstalling them is a lot harder than it’s on Windows. Thankfully, there aren’t as numerous ways to uninstall them as you can find approaches to installing applications on a Mac. Mac OS X gives no Uninstall a program screen like the one available in Windows. You have to uninstall programs by pulling their icons around — but what about applications that don’t have techniques, integrated system programs, along with other corner cases?

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Uninstalling most Mac applications is a simple process. But, for some applications, uninstalling them is significantly tougher than it’s on Windows. Thankfully, there aren’t as numerous approaches to uninstall them as you will find methods to install programs on a Mac. Follow steps to completely uninstall application on Mac.

How to Uninstall Apps on Mac book pro

  • Pull down the Apple menu and choose About This Mac
  • Go to the Storage tab and then click on Manage
  • Choose Applications from the left side menu

  • Choose Applications in the Storage Management tool
  • At the “Applications” window, choose Size so that the little arrow is facing downward, this will sort apps by size.
  • Find an app you no longer wish to have on the Mac and hover the mouse cursor over the name, then click the little (X) button
  • that appears next to the app name to delete it
  • Choose which app to delete from Mac in Storage Management.delete from Mac in Storage Management
  • Confirm that you wish to delete the app and you are good to go.

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