[Solved] USB Ports Not Working in PC/Laptop

Hello there, reader! How have you been? Are you facing a very simple yet tricky problem which is rendering you unfit for using your mouse, headphones or pen drives? Then you have come to the right place. If you plug your pen drive or anything of the sort and it doesn’t work which leads your mind to think that “usb ports not working” so, let me tell you that so many people go through this problem on a daily basis. There is an easy solution to this. Calm down. Take a breath and just read ahead.

USB Ports Not Working in PC/Laptop

USB, or universal serial bus is designed to allow your devices to be connected and disconnected at will. This option is available for both Windows and Mac computers, basically cutting down all the hassle. So, reader, if your USB port suddenly stops doing its job or to put it down in simple words, usb ports not working then it can be due to two reasons, hardware or software failures. Some of the problems can be the same to both Mac and Windows and some could be totally different. Like people, each problem can be different.

USB drive not working


So, here are the solutions that you can try if your usb is not working.

Solution 1: Restart your computer

You are blessed from the lords above if your problem gets fixed by just restarting it. It is the easiest solution out there, trust me. When your PC is done with process of switching it off and on then go ahead and plug in your USB device. If the computer reads it then it obviously means that the problem is solved and there is nothing to worry about. And, now if you are wondering why this happens then once the laptop is restarted then a lot of things get refreshed and ends up refreshing a lot of problems. But in any case, if you aren’t that lucky then what you can do is other fixes that I have got for you.

USB ports not working error

Solution 2: You can physically try inspecting your USB port

USB is pretty robust but they are always open for you to plug in devices. Quite literally which makes them vulnerable because dust particles, debris, or even food gets stuck inside. So, inspect your port. Before you do that, first shut down your laptop, check your port. If you any such thing then remove it using a toothpick. There are cases where a product like canned air can become useful in blowing obstruction out of your port. But make sure that you are not shoving it in any further.

You should also know that USB ports can also fail because of a loosen or broken internal connection. If you want to test it then try to insert your USB device and gently wiggle your connection. If you notice that your device connects for a brief period of time and then disconnects then there is a physical problem. This could be either the cable or the usb port. And, if you notice a lot of movement when you gently shake the USB connector then this signifies that it might be broken or bent. In such a situation, it would be advisable that you take it to a professional.

Solution 3: Try Plugging in to a Different USB Port

If your mind still says that usb ports not working because it actually isn’t then you can try plugging your device into a new usb port. Most of the computers these days have more than one port. If you follow this procedure then you would come to know what and who exactly is the problem. If your port starts working when plugged in to a different port then the first one has a physical problem which needs to be fixed as soon as possible.

The next fix that I have for you here is trying a new USB cable because USB cable failures are more common than USB port failures. If you are using your device and it suddenly stops working then you know that the problem was because of the broken wire inside the other cable. Your usb not working can be fixed in no time then.

Solution 4: If nothing is working the check your Device Manager (Windows)

There are two measures that can be taken using the Device Manager. First you can either scan for hardware changes or you can dis-enable and re-enable the USB controller. To scan for hardware changes what you can do is,

  • Right click on start and then left click on run.
  • Type devmgmt.msc and then click OK. This step will open the Device Manager.devmgmt.msc
  • Now right click on the name of your computer and then left click on scan for hardware changes.
  • You will have to wait for the scan to complete and then go ahead and check your USB device to see if it is working.

If you have to disable and re-enable the USB controller if the USB ports not working

  • Start by clicking on the “Start” button and then left click on Run.
  • Just like the last one, you will have to type “devmgmt.msc” and then click OK. This step will open the Device Manager.devmgmt.msc
  • Try locating the Universal Serial Bus Controllers in the list presented.
  • Then click on the arrow which is present next to the little USB cable. This is done so that it points down instead to the right.
  • The next step would involve clicking right on the first USB controller in the list and then selecting uninstall.
  • You will be required to repeat step 5 for each of the USB controller that you will find.
  • Now, turn your computer off and then on. This will give it some space and rest.
  • After the computer is restarted, you will see that windows will have automatically reinstalled the USB controller. So, inspect that if your device is working or not.

USB not working

So, dear readers, these were some of the steps that you can try if your usb ports is not working in your PC or Laptop. I am sure your problem will be treated after this. If not then do you can ask us comment section below.

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