USPS Change Address – How to File a Request

Did you know that one in seven people in America change their address and due to this, many Postal Services faced a huge challenge to update their database? If you want to change the address in USPS, then you have to send a request that can be made in person at local Post Offices employing a hardcopy form (PS 3575), or electronically using the Web. They can even be made over the phone. The most popular means to alter one’s official address is still using the hardcopy form.

Postal Service workers should reject and return orders without a signature, in some instances, change-of-address orders without a proper signature slipped through.

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Is there a better way? We believe there is. Our analysis also examined the internet and phone change request systems. We found that these digital alternatives aren’t only much more convenient for the client, they’re also a lot more effective in ensuring that only authorized and validated change-of-address requests are processed.

USPS change Address

There must be a catch, you say. Well, there is. This service costs $1. We think it is a bargain! To change your address online, visit To change your address by phone, call 1-800-275-8777.

USPS Change Address

You should be aware of that the Postal Service does have systems in place to protect customers against unauthorized USPS change Address. If a USPS change Address has been filed for you, the Postal Service will follow up with a Move Validation Letter. This letter is sent to your current address and informs you that a petition was made to forward your email to some other address. If you didn’t ask to change your address, you should notify your local Post Office immediately as a potentially fraudulent situation may exist.

If everyone in your family shares the same last name, you can just file 1 form and choose Household as the USPS Change of Address Form kind.

Document a Company Change of Address Form if you are licensed to forward mail on behalf of your organization. From that point, you should expect to land in “email forwarding bliss” over the next 12 days. Why? It may take the USPS up to 12 business days to process your email forwarding request, so your email will start on or after the beginning date that you select in your Change of Address Form. f you are moving, one of the tasks you will have to finish is a USPS change of address form.

Change of Address Validation form will be sent to your previous address if you still live there and intend to move in the not too distant future. In case you’ve already transferred, then this letter isn’t sent.

A Permanent Change of Address Confirmation will be sent to a new address.

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