How to set up a Webstagram

Instagram is a photo-sharing app that everyone uses today. Be it a teenage or their geeky grandmother, Instagram is one of the most used interesting photo applications. Recently, it just got a bump in its fame and popularity in the form of Webstagram. It is a Web-based interface for the Instagram which is the socially-driven image-sharing service. It has enabled users a way to access and repost Instagram stories and photos without the need to use their mobile devices. Not only this, Webstagram also features watermarked Instagram sharing which is a useful way to repost pictures while keeping your business’s brand effectively displayed. In this article, I will tell you How to Use Instagram on Webstagram.

UndoubdetlyInstagram is a beautiful and fast way to share your life and happenings with friends through a series of pictures and stories. You just have to snap a photo, choose a filter to change the feel and look, send to Facebook or Twitter. But since a few days back, it lacked a Web interface that gives you permission to interact over the Web. However, now we have a solution for this. As discussed above, Webstagram is an interface that fills this void. So, let us see what is Webstagram and how it is helpful.


What is Webstagram and How it is helpful?

One of the most popular and prominent picture app Instagram has come up with a service that enables you to share photos and videos from your mobile phone to social networking services. However, it offers limited functionality on a computer. In order to overcome this disadvantage, Webstagramoffers a Web-based interface that enables you to access and interact with your Instagram account. Webstagram passionately provides multiple services since January 2011 when it was first launched that will allow you to experience more fun and excitement in your Instagram world.

What will happen after linking your Instagram account to Webstagram?

As soon as you link your Instagram account to Webstagram, you will be able to see as well as share your photos and perform activities such as following and unfollowing users. In order to make use of Webstagram, it is mandatory that you must have an existing Instagram account.

Apart from this, Webstagram also gives a real search engine that enables you to find photos by tags or username. Not only this, it is also possible to search tags and filters that are most used along with most active users. Webstagram is a great tool for you guys if you use Instagram.



How to set up a Webstagram

Setting up a Webstagram is quite an easy and simple task. Here is the list of steps that will help you set up a Webstagram:

Step 1: Using your Instagram account information, log in to the Webstagram.

Step 2:Webstagram updates can also be received on Twitter. For this, click the “Follow’’ button. If you do not to make use of this feature, click the ‘’X’’ button.

Step 3:  At the top of the page, click the ‘’Settings’’ button and adjust the options that suit your preferences well. You can also add keywords to your user page here, set the visibility of your Webstagram page as well as adjust your country and email settings. Once you are satisfied with your account set up, click the ‘’Save Settings’’ button.

How to use Webstagram?

Now, when you are done setting up Webstagram on your device, it’s the time to use it. Therefore, follow the steps below to use Webstagram:

Step 1: Firstly, log in to Webstagram and click ‘’Popular’’ to view some of the most famous and prominent posts from Instagram.

Step 2:Now, click ‘’Search’’ and enter a keyword in order to find content that has been tagged with the particular keyword.

Step 3: Tap on ‘’My Photos’’ to view your own Instagram uploads. You can use the social media buttons below the images to share your work.

Step 4: If you want to know and view all the photos that you have liked on Instagram, click “Liked”.

Step 5: For viewing an analysis of the top filters, tags,and users on Instagram click ‘’Hot’’.

Step 6: There are times when you want to view the most popular photo of the day on Instagram. In this case, click on “Photo Of The Day’’.

Step 7:  To view the resources for your own ‘’Follow Me’’ button or Instagram gallery to use on a blog or website Click ‘’Tools’’.

Conclusion: This was a complete guide to How to use Instagram on Webstagram. I hope the information is helpful and you can take full advantage of the Webstagram sharing your insta stories and life with everyone. This service enables you to see your photos and those of people you follow, here is the reference and comment that I would like to add. Webstagram has created a webpage that contains all your photos. This page can either be public or private which helps you share your photos from the Web. Also, you can remove Webstagram to access your account.

All the things that Webstagram does and frankly telling, all it needs to do is pull the app’s photos, functionality and feeds from your phone and attach them onto a site for easy and convenient sharing and commenting. While, not the most attractive girl at the party, is Spartan and elegant enough to make you wonder why it was never done before is the Interface. Not only this, Webstagram has a Photo of the Day section as told, where pics spotted with the #photooftheday hash are summed into a gallery and chosen accordingly on a day-to-day basis. So, for witnessing your Instagram journey to be an indeed a great opportunity and an amazing experience, Webstagram is worth it.

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