How to Find Out What song is this Online?

Has it ever happened that you were trespassing down the street or by the random party venue or passing by car with loud music and you hear the song that immediately gets your attention and want to know what the song called is? Well, in that case, you get very curious to find it online what song is this so that it gets added to your playlist. Usually, it happens that you miss out the melody but catch the few lyrics, or you know the song but exactly cannot recall it at that moment. Well, I can understand that the situation becomes quite awful and you want to identify this song as soon as possible. But you need not get disturbed with humming anymore as the digital techniques have now made it possible to find out online what song is this. By just humming the tune or searching through broken lyrics you can know what song is this online.

What song is this?

There are ample of songs finder app that let you to find out online what song is this and also tell you what song is these lyrics belong to. You can get complete details of the song with these apps available both for the web and for mobile devices. These digital apps tell you the film this song belongs to or the artist that has performed this song. It is the fact that we cannot take music out of our lives and with such advancements in music technology listening or play the songs has become more attractive. So today let’s talk about music and the apps available that let you find out online what song is this. So to deal with your curiosity of which song am I listening to the following apps will prove to be useful for you.

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Now there are many different voice processing and voice recognition tools that allow you to find out what song is this online. But apart from this, various virtual assistants in our mobile phones also recognize songs and see online which song is this.


Siri, the virtual assistant of Apple devices, is efficient in its capabilities as one of the coolest things it does is helps you to find out online what song is this. Siri recognizes for you the music and identifies the song. All you have to do is long-press the home button to initiate Siri. Then whenever you hear the song say “What song is this” or Name the song or What song is playing right now? Just sit back and relax as Siri will do its work by listening to the song that is playing at that moment and will tell you the name of the song. You can also tap on the result to view the song in Apple music and listen to the song either a sample or by purchasing it.

Google Now for Android users

Now if you are an Android user then you also have a virtual assistant that is inbuilt on your device. All you have to do is go to Google now to know what song am I listening to. Just launch Google now and say What song is this or just name a song and press or tap on OK. Google will listen to a song for a while, and you will be with the results to your question of what song am I listening to.

Cortana for Windows users

If you use Windows phone, then Cortana will help you find out online what song is this. You can ask Cortana to identify the song by putting a question like “What song is this, ” and it will recognize the song for you. It requires the installation of no apps as this is an inbuilt feature that identifies your song when you have a hard time to remember it.

Songs Finder Apps

Here are some of the best apps that let you find out song online.


The most popular app in the world of music or song finder is Shazam that needs no introduction. This app is the king of all music recognition apps with its massive database. All you have to do is let Shazam listen to the song that you are playing be it from any source like TV, video recorder, YouTube or any media. Shazam will immediately identify the song and name it. This app is available for all users like Android, iOS or Windows and is available both for free and paid version. With Shazam, you do not only identify the song but also get the lyrics to sing along with it. Shazam even remembers the song that it has recognized and even works with an offline connection.


Next to Shazam, is another great song finder app named as SoundHound? It is a helpful app that is ahead of Shazam as well as it can recognize the song by simply humming the tune of the song that you want to identify. Even if you don’t remember the lyrics, there is no need to worry for with just some part of the lyrics the app recognizes the song. It is a very precise app and is quite fast and instant as well. With this app, one can share their results on social media as well. This app supports many platforms like iPhone, Android, Blackberry, etc. You need to launch SoundHound and hum your tune to it, and your song will be with you. So very easy to know what song am I listening to, Right? You can easily know what is this song called (I meant, the song which you are listening to.).


A creative app that finds songs for you based on lyrics, Musixmatch is great to use. An App which works with your query of what song is this lyrics? This app quickly identifies the song that is getting played around you but not with voice recognition. It is just not an app but a music player that can be used to play your music library as well. This app works when you tap on its hamburger menu icon and then click on identify lyrics. Musixmatch them will recognize your song and will give you results of a song that matches the audio input. This app is great and works quite well


Midomi is a song detector website that recognizes your needed song simply by humming, whistling the tune that too with your laptop mic. It is a handy tool to get you rid of the tunes that have stuck in your mind. You can sing a song in the microphone, and even with missed songs, it manages to isolate the track or song that you want to know what song is this. The use of this site is simple, just hit and tap on the click or hum a song option and find your song. By knowing just a few lines, you can get the entire song. When you recognize the song with Midomi, it offers you with the clip so as to playback the song for checking it against the song that you have in your mind.


Next in the row is Musipedia app that allows you to identify your song or music in wealthy of ways. Be it tapping on a super simple keyboard or by drawing the musical notes and searching the melodic chorus using Parsons code; this app is the perfect match for the song that is playing in your head. The attractive feature of this app is a sweet flash based piano keyboard it has using which you can plunk the music that you are trying to recall. When you hit the notes by use of virtual keyboard this app will play the same back again to make sure it is the same required song. Once you have set the song, you can hit the search button. This app is more used to identify the classical music but is equally good with the identification of other songs.

Track ID

Next, you have Track ID, a music finder app by Sony. This app works very efficiently, and it recognizes the song super-fast. The results you get from this app are on point. It even saves the song in your history tab in the app itself. Apart from history tab, two other tabs come with this app. The first tab is the Discover tab that identifies the latest or newest song by keeping jobs divided as per categories. Second is a Live tab that recognizes song based on the song playing around you. With this app, you also get the option to find playing what song is this YouTube, share it and much more

So just like this, there are ample of other song finder apps and recognition tools that make it easy to find out the songs that are playing around you, but you do not get the lyrics or name of the song. Is it not interesting to get rid of the track stuck in your mind using these apps or tools? If it is, then do not forget to try them out and enjoy your songs.

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