WhatsApp vs Telegram – Which One Wins?

In the never – ending battle of messaging apps, clearly WhatsApp is most popular among the people. But popularity doesn’t ensure quality, or does it? WhatsApp is a widely used application for messaging, but Telegram is fast catching up. But you must be wondering who wins in the battle of WhatsApp vs Telegram. You have come to the right place.

With the introduction of Telegram, WhatsApp has had to pull up its socks to remain at the top of the competition. Almost all of us used to use WhatsApp, but now with the introduction and increased popularity of Telegram, that is changing.

WhatsApp vs Telegram

You are wondering whether to continue with WhatsApp or switch to Telegram or vice-versa, you are at the right place. Let us figure out which one is better in WhatsApp vs Telegram.

Let us consider different features and which app stands better for which feature.

WhatsApp vs Telegram

1. WhatsApp vs Telegram Security

whatsapp vs telegram

Yes, both WhatsApp and Telegram provide end-to-end encryption but there are more additional features offered in Telegram, when it comes to privacy. Telegram’s secret chats and self-destructing messages provide an edge over WhatsApp. Telegram understands the importance of privacy better than WhatsApp. Telegram also limits sending forwards and screenshots.

Overall, the security provided by Telegram is way better than that of Telegram.

2. Group Chats – WhatsApp vs Telegram Users

Both the apps provide group chats, but Telegram clearly wins here. WhatsApp allows you to have up to 256 people in the group chats whereas Telegram allows you to have maximum 1000 members in a group. Large number of people in the group amounts to a lot more chaos but there are times when a large number is required. In such a case, Telegram definitely wins.

3. Status Updates

whatsapp vs telegram

WhatsApp has this great feature to interact with friends by posting status updates. These status updates can be in the form of words or pictures. Moreover, you can choose who you want to share your story with. Even in the list of your contacts, you can choose if there is someone you want to hide your status from. Telegram is more business-like and does not have status functionality.

WhatsApp is more friendly for users who want to increase their social circle.

4. Usage of Data

This is the same for both the apps. Data usage depends completely on the user. Both WhatsApp and Telegram use almost the same amount of data. Also, you uploading and downloading a lot of pictures and other multimedia files will result in more data consumption compared to simply chatting. Hence, data consumption is totally dependent on how the user uses the app.

5. Backup – Telegram vs WhatsApp

WhatsApp requires users to manually set up cloud backups once. But once you do it, the cloud backup is taken up automatically at a specific time of the day. Telegram does this automatically. This is also one of the factors where Telegram has a slight edge over WhatsApp.

6. Secret Messages

The feature of keeping certain interactions hidden is provided in Telegram. This feature is not available in WhatsApp. The secret chat feature is a great way to go for secretive talks that remain hidden even when someone has opened the app. Sadly this feature can only be enjoyed by Telegram users. Sure you can archive the chats in WhatsApp but that does not really serve the p[urpose as the chat appears again if you send or receive a message.

7. Multimedia File Transfer

whatsapp vs telegram

To share files, WhatsApp has a certain limit on the size of files you can share (upload or download). Whereas when it comes to Telegram, there is no limit to the size of files to be transferred. This is where Telegram comes out as a winner as whenever you have large files to share, you can simply go with Telegram without thinking twice.

8. Accessibility and User Interface – Telegram vs WhatsApp comparison

There are various tools and features on Telegram, but it has lesser accessibility and the overall User-Interface might come off as a bit difficult to general people. WhatsApp, on the other hand, has more friendly user interface and better accessibility to the users.

Wrapping It Up

So we have discussed the points where we have made a comparison between Telegram and WhatsApp based on various features. Both have some pros and cons but in most points of comparison, Telegram emerges out as a winner. But it actually depends on your requirement. If you are looking for a messaging app that helps you better keep in touch with your friends, them go for WhatsApp. But if you are looking for an app which caters more to your business needs, then go for Telegram.

We hope the review has helped you find your best-suited app in the battle of WhatsApp vs Telegram. For more information, follow our site TricksMaze.

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