Windows 10 ISO to USB Bootable Drive

So you want to install Windows 10 in your system you must need to burn iso to usb. Windows 10 operating system was released in 2015 by Microsoft Corporation. It is basically an successor to Windows 8.1 version. When Windows 10 was released it, it came out with many new features, a new and better user friendly interface but at the same time there were many bugs too. Microsoft started rolling out new updates to fix all the major bugs in Windows 10 after a month. Well personally Windows 10 operating system one of the best OS Microsoft has ever released in last one decade. The OS is light weight, it can easily run on low-end systems, heavy softwares like Photoshop, media players, games, etc runs smoothly on Windows 10 if we compare it with previous versions of Windows. Who doesn’t want to install Windows 10, when someone buys a new system, the very first thing he does is install a fresh version of Windows 10 in his computer and in this tutorial we will show you how you can flash Windows 10 ISO to USB bootable driver with in few minutes so that you can quickly install Windows 10 in your new/old computer.

How to Burn Windows 10 ISO to USB

Burning Windows 10 ISO file to your USB driver is simple and easy process. Don’t worry, it is not a rocket science. We just need to download ISO file from microsft official website and one more tool which we will mention it ahead in this tutorial. So lets start without wasting up more time.

Step 1: Download Windows 10 ISO File from Microsoft Website

  1. So in order to burn Windows 10 ISO file to your USB driver, we first need to download Windows 10 ISO file from here: ““.
  2. Open the link which we have mentioned above and there you will find Download Now button, click on that button and it will start downloading your ISO file.Windows 10 Download
  3. Once the Windows ISO file is downloaded in your system, launch that .exe(executable file) and Accept the License and Agreements.burn windows 10 iso to usb
  4. Now in next screen you will find two options, first one is for upgrading the PC and the second one for creating a bootable USB drive.
  5. You have to select Create installation media for another PC and click on Next.
  6. In this step here you have to select the Language, Edition of Windows and the Architecture(x86 or x64). Select it as per your requirements and click on Next.language selection for Windows 10
  7. Here in this step you have to select ISO file and then click on Next 10 iso to usb
  8. Choose the file location where you want to save that ISO file and then it will start downloading that ISO file in your system.
  9. When your download will complete, it will show you a small window as shown in this image below, click on Finish button.

Step 2: Install Install Windows USB/DVD Download Tool and Burn the ISO to USB Drive

Here we assume that you have already downloaded the ISO file for Windows 10 OS, now here we are going to download and install Windows bootable tool through which you will be able to create a bootable USB drive.

  1. Open this URL: “” and download Windows USB/DVD Download Tool.Install Windows USB-DVD Download Tool
  2. Install the tool in your system and it will create a shortcut on your Desktop. Launch the software.
  3. It will open a small window where you have to browser the ISO file which we have downloaded in Step 1. Browse the file and click Next button.burn iso to usb
  4. Here it will give your two options, DVD or USB Driver, you have to select USB Drive.
  5. Insert your USB Driver( it should be clean and formatted) and select the USB device to burn iso
  6. Click on Erase USB Device button to clean your USB drive.
  7. Once you are done with all the steps above, it will start creating Windows 10 ISO to USB Bootable Drive. It will take few minutes which is based on your system speed and your USB drive. We would suggest you to use 3.0 Drive.burning iso to usb windows 10

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So finally we are done creating burning Windows 10 ISO to USB Bootable Drive. We have personally tried this method and it works for us every time. If you face any problem while following above steps then please let us know in comments .

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