How to Fix Windows Sound Not Working Problem

You were playing some songs or videos on your PC/Laptop at full volume and suddenly your Windows sound stops working. You tried restarting your system, unplug and plug in back all the wires back but it didn’t worked. Don’t panic, we can help you solve this problem. We saw many Windows OS users reporting about sound issues where they were facing issues with speakers and there was no accurate solution provided there so we thought of creating one proper tutorial on Windows sound not working problem for those who can’t find any way to solve this issue.

Why you are facing Windows Sound Not Working Problem?

Well there can be many reasons why you are facing Windows sound problem. Maybe there are some issues with your internal Sound drivers softwares or maybe there are not updated to latest version. It is also possible that your current Windows version is not updated and due to that the hardware is not able to communicate with the software drivers.

Don’t worry we got you, we will surely help you to get rid of this annoying problem.

How to Fix Windows Sound Not Working Problem?

In this guide of Tricks Maze, we have written several methods on Windows sound problem and we want you to follow them all. If the first solution works for you then there is no need to go through all other solutions.

Solution 1: Try to Troubleshoot hardware issues

So here I guess your internal speaker is not in working mode. Because something has malfunctioned with your speaker driver software.

If you are using any external headset or headphone and that is plugged in your system then you have to unplug and plug that port again. If this doesn’t work out then remove the headphone from the current system and try to test that headphone in new device and check whether that works or not.

If your headset works in another device then come back to same system and this time try to enter the headphone into different ports and if that works or not. If it works this time then we can see that there your old ports has some hardware problems.

Solution 2: Make sure the volume is audible

Sometimes our headphone is connected to our system and we play some songs and videos on Internet but the sound doesn’t work. In that case you have to make sure that your turned on your volume to full from volume section. To make sure your Windows volume is audible you have to follow the steps below.

  1. Move your cursor to Task Bar and on the right hand side you will find Sound icon.
  2. When you will click on that Sound icon, it will show you sound slider, there you have to turn your volume to full as shown in this image.Windows Sound not working
  3. Now play any song or video from on the Internet and check whether it is working or not.

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So finally this was all about How you can solve Windows Sound not working problem, If you are still facing problem then you have to update your Sound drivers from Disk Management Settings and also make sure your current windows operating system is updated to the latest version. If these two things are not done then it will cause issues while playing any video or song. If you face any problem while following this guide then please let us know in comment section and we will surely help you out.

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