Windows Update Stuck At 0% [Fixed]

How will you feel when you turn on your computer or laptop after 10-15 days, lets say you were on a trip with your family and for that span of time you didn’t touched your system because your were out of town and when you comeback and turn on your system back, it will pop big list of updates. Windows updates are really annoying and irritating because these update are big in size which take hell lot of time to download it and if your ISP is not stable or get interrupted in between then it will re download the update again. Many problems arises when we wish to update our system and some of them are Windows update stuck at 0Microsoft Compatibility TelemetryKernel Security Check Failure, etc. On Microsoft official forum, we have seen many people asking the same queries that they are facing Windows 10, Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 update not downloading problem. In this post we are going to clear all your Windows update related issues in no time, all you need to do is follow this tutorial.

Why Windows Update is Stuck at 0%?

The users who are on limited Internet or their ISP is slow are the one who are facing Windows update not downloading issue. Don’t worry, we will help you to manually start the Windows updates. There can be another reason too where you will see that it is due to the overloaded physical memory of your operating system or there are some conflicts with the internal programs, your programs/software are not able to properly communicate with the bare hardware. windows update stuck at 0%

How to Fix Windows Update Stuck at 0 Problem?

So before we start this tutorial please keep in mind that you follow the steps mentioned below because if you do mistakes here then your it will corrupt your operating system and also these update can be stuck again and again in between if you have a stable working Internet then it is really not at all a problem. So lets start without wasting up more time

Solution 1: Disable all Microsoft Services

  1. In first step your have to press Windows + R button and type “msconfig” and hit Enter.msconfig
  2. Go to Services tab and there you have tick mark on Hide all Microsoft services.Hide all Microsoft services
  3. Now click on Disable All button and then click on OK as shown in this image.Windows Update Stuck At 0
  4. Once the above steps are done, Restart your system and Launch your Windows update again.
  5. After downloading all the Windows Update, you have to enable all disabled services as we did in above steps. Just simply Uncheck Hide All Microsoft Services button and then click on Enable All button.Windows update not downloading

Solution 2: Manually Restart the Windows Update

The above method didn’t worked for you? Don’t worry we have one more solution for you and in this method we are going to manually start the Windows Update from Settings.

  1. In first step of this solution, press Windows + R button and type “Services.msc” and hit Run Command
  2. Now it will open a small Window which will have a list of all the Services which are currently running/non-running in our computer.
  3. You have to find Windows Update Services and right click on and click on Stop button as shown in this image.Windows Update Services
  4. Now you have to Open MyCompyter and go this path “C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution“, here in this path you have to delete all the files and folders. Software Distribution is the folder in which all the Updates files are stored for temporary. If windows updates are not downloading then there will be some issues with this files.
  5. Open Services.msc again and find Windows Update Services, right click on it and click on Start option.
  6. Restart your system and try to download Windows update again and this we are quite sure that Windows will start downloading all the pending updates.

So this is how we can solve windows update stuck at 0 problem. The reason why there were not downloading is because there was some issues with the the files which were already downloaded in Software Distribution folder and deleting those files was the only option left. Now windows will restart all the Updates and again and it will be in working mode again. If you face any issues while following above tutorial then you can let us know in comments below and we will help you.

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