How to use a word counter to increase your productivity?

Word count for a blog or article is a frequently asked question. Writers and bloggers want to know standard word count to optimize their content. Words may vary between 300, 500 and 1000 for a blog post or article. People have a misconception that 500 words can help them to get top place in Google ranking and increase conversions of KPI busting.
You can use a word counter to count words of your article or blog post. There is no specific number to decide for an article. You have to write a well-researched article with useful content. It is important to convey a message to your readers.

You may get better leads with 1200+ words than 448 words. The content should answer all possible questions of readers and solve their problems. In several cases, it is important to follow the word limit strictly. You can choose a word counter to track words of your article, blog post or thesis.

Make Writing Easy with a Word Counter

Writing can’t always be easy because it needs dedication, research, and hard work. While writing an article, eBook or thesis, you have to follow their word limit. In this situation, a word counter will assist you to keep track of your words. While producing an article, you have to pay attention to originality, grammatical accuracy, exciting content and word count. It sounds a difficult job to manage lots of things at a time. In this situation, a word counter tool may help you to count the words and characters in a document accurately. Everyone can use this free tool to count words.

Who needs a word counter?

Students can use the word counter tool to complete their assignments on time. Students and writers have to work according to the specific limitations. This tool can be an excellent choice to ensure that they are working as per standards. People who post different things on websites and blogs can use the word count tool to count characters and words. It will be a good choice for professors, freelancers, and journalists who want to work as per words.

Tips to Use a Word Counter

If you want to write an article from scratch, you have to click the available space and start typing. The word counter tool will count words so that you can get the desired results. You can see the number of words and characters under the box.

If you don’t want to write in a word counter, you can copy text from your word document or another online source to count the number of words. Keep it in mind that a word is made of characters, letters, and emoticon. A word counter will give you complete details of the characters and words in your text.

This tool is free and saves your time because it can count words within a few seconds. A free word count tool can provide a general statistics about character count, word count, and characters without spaces. You can use this tool on all popular web browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, Chrome, and Firefox. Writers can upload files with text to count characters and numbers in essays, blogs, novels, or books. The tool is unique because of its user-friendly interface. Some paid tools are available that need monthly subscriptions, but you should save your money.

This tool is fantastic for content writers and bloggers. While writing body, title, meta title and meta descriptions, you have to pay attention to word count. A word counter will help you to save time and efforts. Teachers will need this tool to ensure that the assignments of students have an accurate number of words. Without any doubt, a word counter is ideal for secretaries, lawyers and people in other professions. This free tool will help you to increase your productivity.

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